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ADVICE: Leasing a car, who is it for?

The purchase of a new vehicle involves several decisions. In the first place, we must find the vehicle that suits us best, then we must decide how to buy it. Financing or leasing is available to us, and to make sure we make the right choice, we must first understand our needs. This is very important because leasing is often ...

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ADVICE: Three practical tips for safe winter driving

Winter is upon us, and it has even arrived in some areas. This means that our roads will soon be covered with snow and ice, a reality that will require us to change our behavior on the road to compensate for our tires’ lack of grip. Yes, winter driving is not easy, but with some precautions we are able to ...

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ADVICE: Why choose a demo vehicle?

When we are looking for a new vehicle, there are several options. There are new vehicles and used vehicles, and we also have the option of demo vehicles. These vehicles are already registered and their warranty is already started, but their price is often very attractive. Sometimes there are a few kilometers on the meter, but not very much and ...

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