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Watch out pedestrians, the Volvo bus is watching

When talking about autonomous driving, or electronic safety, buses may not be the first vehicles that come to mind. Indeed, we take for granted that they are big enough to be noticed by every road user. Unfortunately, collisions between buses and pedestrians, or buses and cyclists, are still far too frequent. That led Swedish automaker Volvo to design an all-new ...

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New headlights to improve night visibility

New headlights

Audi unveiled a new version of the Audi Sport Quattro concept this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In addition to a new colour, the model presented in Sin City offered laser headlights that may revolutionize the automotive industry over the next few years. These headlights add laser technology to the more traditional light-emitting diodes. When the ...

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Chevrolet will offer Wi-Fi on their models in 2015

At the CES Show in Las Vegas, General Motors announced the arrival of Wi-Fi connectivity on selected 2015 models next summer. Indeed, the 10th generation of  the OnStar communication system will add 4G LTE function, allowing passengers to connect to the Internet inside the car. The Volt, Trax, Corvette, Impala and Malibu models will be the first to have access ...

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The invisible bike helmet

Bike Helmet

If you dislike wearing a helmet when riding your bike, you’re probably not alone. Not only are the more traditional helmets large and just downright ugly, but they also have a habit of undoing your hairstyle. For teenagers, and even certain adults, there’s nothing more tragic… As it happens, two young women from Sweden have a solution for you. It’s ...

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