How to quickly sell your current vehicle

You are at home, looking through your emails and waiting by the phone. For several weeks now, your vehicle has been parked outside the house, and every day you wait for a call that doesn’t seem to come. But why? The sign that the vehicle is for sale is certainly big enough, and you certainly have advertised your vehicle all ...

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First Drive: 2019 Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento 2018

For a long time, Kia’s sales pitch was mainly focused on value, the deal that the customer gets when choosing a Kia. This customer had – and still has – plenty of choice in the segments where the Korean manufacturer is active. Today, Kia is changing its game plan and wants to focus more on the product, and the lifestyle ...

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You can also buy safety

Active safety systems

It’s not always easy to choose a new vehicle. There are multiple options available to you, many different models, all sorts of versions and your budget is often fixed. It is therefore important to figure out our needs before heading out to the various dealerships. Although cars today are safer than ever, they often offer a range of active safety ...

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An accident? Firstly, do not panic

Nobody wants to be in a car accident. But in general, in the career of all motorists, it will happen at least once. Because it happens so rarely, it is rare that the driver knows instinctively how to respond. There are however a few simple steps to help you through it in the simplest way possible. After the accident, the ...

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