When is it time to change our summer tires?

winter tires, replacing your winter tires, buying winter tires, winter safety

Summer is unfortunately coming to an end. We feel it when we wake up in the morning and when we go outdoors at night. Obviously, September still has quite a few sunny days left in the tank, but they are getting few and far between. We must therefore start preparing for the unavoidable winter that is at our door. “The ...

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How to calculate how much your insurance will cost you

car insurance

Calculating an insurance premium is a complex endeavor that takes into account a variety of factors. Although the color of your vehicle and how many doors it has have often been considered important factors, the fact of the matter is that what really matters is the driver, his or her experience, and the cost of the vehicle. In other words, ...

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How to determine whether your car is safe

The safety of a given vehicle is often a topic forgotten by consumers. It’s not that we do not want our car or SUV to be safe, but sometimes it is assumed that this is indeed the case, then we think no more of it. The good news is that, indeed, modern vehicles are actually much safer than what we ...

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Autumn: a good practice for winter

driving in autumn, driving in fall, safe driving, safe driving in fall

Whatever the season, there is always danger on the road. We must therefore drive in a safe and defensive manner at all times. That said, winter is the only season where the majority of drivers change their driving habits in order to deal with the ice and the snow on the roads.  But did you know that autumn also has ...

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