Fuel Cell or Electric?

fuel cell or electric cars

You want to reduce your environmental footprint, so you decide to get an electric car. You look at the 100% electric models that you plug in to recharge, but then someone mentioned the idea of a fuel cell car. Should you consider one? “Yes, if you are patient, because cars with fuel cells are not yet available. It is only ...

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How to respond to a recall

There have been so many recalls in recent months and years, it’s very difficult to keep track of everything. To make matters worse, vehicle owners usually first hear about recalls on the news, but the information they receive is not complete. They don’t know for example if their specific vehicle is affected, they don’t know what to do next, and ...

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Why is the Owner’s Manual so Important

How many times a year do you change the oil in your vehicle? What is the ideal tire pressure to ensure the best performance? How the heck does the infotainment system work? Some of us may know the answers to these questions, particularly the infotainment system one, but the fact remains that many new owners do not take the time ...

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The implications of second chance credit

financing or cash

You may have seen ads talking about second chance credit financing or perhaps you recently applied for a car loan and were turned down, but you really need a new vehicle. The simple idea behind second chance credit financing is that it offers buyers with less than ideal credit an opportunity to get a loan and purchase their next vehicle. ...

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