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How to drive on a track

There you are, behind the wheel of a performance car. Of course, you know that the engine is powerful enough, and probably your car insurance coverage does not apply if you drive on a track, but you choose to anyways. Before going any further, contact your insurance company, just be sure. Once that little detail is taken care of, it’s ...

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Here are a few tips to help when parking

For most drivers, parking their vehicle is second nature. In other words, not a lot of thought goes into the process. That said, there are a few ways you can make parking even easier, or more importantly avoid any damages to your car. It starts with a few precautions which are fairly easy to put into action. The first thing ...

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ADVICE: Three practical tips for safe winter driving

Winter is upon us, and it has even arrived in some areas. This means that our roads will soon be covered with snow and ice, a reality that will require us to change our behavior on the road to compensate for our tires’ lack of grip. Yes, winter driving is not easy, but with some precautions we are able to ...

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