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Autumn: a good practice for winter

Whatever the season, there is always danger on the road. We must therefore drive in a safe and defensive manner at all times. That said, winter is the only season where the majority of drivers change their driving habits in order to deal with the ice and the snow on the roads.  But did you know that autumn also has a host of dangers we need to be aware of?

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Indeed, autumn is a season that requires more concentration and more attention from drivers. Road conditions aren’t as demanding as in winter, but that’s part of the danger because drivers can sometimes forget to be more attentive.

“You have to see fall as a practice for winter,” says a service adviser at South Centre Volkswagen.

So, here are a few tips to ensure safer driving in the coming months.

Be wary of the cold

In autumn, the nights are cooler. This means that in the evening or early morning, it is possible that there is a small layer of ice on the road that, because we are not used to watching for it after summer, can cause a few problems. In winter, we are programmed to watch out for ice, but not in September or October.

Leaves on the road

The leaves covering the road in the fall can make it as slippery as ice. Usually these leaves are wet, and they reduce the contact point between the tires and the asphalt, which can lead to a sudden loss of control.

More rain

This point combines the two described above. Rain tends to be more prevalent in the fall and in combination with the cold and the leaves, drivers face more dangerous road conditions. This rain is often light and continuous between September and November, leaving a small residue on the road that can surprise anyone behind the wheel not paying attention.

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