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How to avoid pothole-related damage

Spring has arrived and the weather outside is getting warmer. Most would agree that’s a good thing, with the possible exception of motorists who have to deal with more and more potholes on their way to work in the morning.

watch out for potholes

Indeed, potholes are a part of life in Canada, and when the snow and ice start to melt they can become a serious problem. Here are a few ways to avoid the damage that may come with potholes.

Slow down

The best way to avoid any damage related to potholes is to slow down. That will give you ample time to see them coming in the distance and then avoid them. Moreover, you have less chance of puncturing a tire, throwing off your alignment or breaking your wheel when passing over a pothole if you slow down.

Do not brake in the pothole

Now, that being said, slowing down as you are on top of the pothole is not the way to reduce the chance of possible damages. When a vehicle is going over a pothole, the wheel falls in the hole and then comes out. Usually, it’s the coming-out part that will cause any subsequent damage. If you slow down in the pothole, you keep the wheel in a vulnerable spot longer and thus increase your chances of causing significant damage to your wheel, suspension, brakes or tires.

If you feel something is off, stop by your dealership

Most of the time you will immediately see the damage caused by a pothole. That said, some problems related to your suspension or brakes might not be immediately noticeable. However, if you feel that your car seems to be swerving or you notice a rattle, drop by your dealership as soon as possible to make sure there isn’t significant damage.

Thank you to Georgetown Volkswagen for their help with this article.

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