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The Brief: 2017 Volvo V90 XC

And here I thought it was perfect…

Take a moment to fully soak in what car this is: The powertrain, the colour, the size, and the brand. These are essentially all the necessary ingredients to make me loose my mind. Essentially, I did loose it when the keys were handed to me. My senses returned shortly thereafter if only to fully appreciate how far the Swedish-cum-Chinese brand has come in a very short time.

2017 Volvo V90 XC

The S90 and V90 have hoisted themselves as some of the go-to large luxury cars in the segment for a number of reasons, starting with design and technology, and its powertrain. The twin-boosted 2.0-litre 4-cylinder is on spec thanks to its 295 torques and swift 8-speed autobox, not to mention standard AWD.

Overall drive quality is excellent however I’d like a little more compliance from the suspension. On some rougher surfaces, remember this is a Cross Country, the car displayed difficulty taking the edge off. The cabin would be disturbed – I don’t think this should happen in such a car. Then again, I noticed the same thing in the XC90 I drove last year.

The V90 combines a huge roomy cabin, comfortable seats, top-drawer material and fit and finish. Even with the baby seat in place behind the passenger seat, legroom was plenty. Now here’s where I get upset: The trunk’s not big enough. Seriously. To be more precise, the carpeted panels on each side of the boot cut the width preventing a set of golf bags and pull-carts from fitting without lowering a portion of the rear seatback. I’m blown away mostly because these same items fit in a Volkswagen Sportwagen! And no, I don’t want a crossover! Save the station wagon!

Yes, this gorgeous brown V90 XC was perfect until it failed a test a 10-year old V70 aces many times a week during the summer. Tisk-tisk Volvo…

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