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Man falls asleep at the wheel and hits a cyclist

Tesla Model S

Man falls asleep at the wheel and hits a cyclist, blames the new car smell A 63-year-old man says that the new car smell inside his new Tesla Model S was too intense. Apparently, the smell caused him to fall asleep at the wheel while driving on a highway on the outskirts of Santa Cruz, California. The car then crossed to the ...

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Madonna drives to the gym in a Maybach


Madonna has always liked to do things differently, which may explain why she selected a Maybach as her means of transportation to the gym. Sold starting in 2002, the Maybach targeted luxury car competitors like the Rolls-Royce Phantom and Bentley Arnage. Maybach offered two models over the course of its history: the Maybach 57 and 62, along with an ultra-exclusive ...

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Dog destroys her master’s Aston Martin

Destroyed Aston Martin

Dog destroys his master’s Aston Martin – The master gets rid of the dog The year just started and already we have a candidate for the most bizarre story of 2014. In addition, if you’re like me and you love cars just as much as animals, it’s not easy to know just how you’re supposed to feel in the situation ...

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