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Dog destroys her master’s Aston Martin

Dog destroys his master’s Aston Martin – The master gets rid of the dog

The year just started and already we have a candidate for the most bizarre story of 2014. In addition, if you’re like me and you love cars just as much as animals, it’s not easy to know just how you’re supposed to feel in the situation faced by the owner of this Aston Martin DB9 in England.

Arriving at the house, Royston Grimstead found his dog Luce covered in a white substance. Initially, Mr. Grimstead believed that Luce had just caught a bird. But after visiting the garage, he found that his dog had chewed the left front fender of his Aston Martin DB9, a car valued at more than $200,000.

You should know that the body of the DB9 is partly composed of fiberglass, a composite which, it seems, is not resistant to teeth and a strong jaw. Mr. Grimstead mentioned that he had been considered giving Luce to another family, as she does not get along well with his other dog. The Aston Martin incident was the last straw. However, Royston Grimstead reassured everyone that Luce’s new family will take good care of her, and that she will be happy in her new home.

As for the Aston Martin, Mr. Grimstead spent more than $5,000 on repairs. At least fiberglass is resistant to rust…

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