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How to drive on a track

There you are, behind the wheel of a performance car. Of course, you know that the engine is powerful enough, and probably your car insurance coverage does not apply if you drive on a track, but you choose to anyways. Before going any further, contact your insurance company, just be sure.


Once that little detail is taken care of, it’s time to have fun. After all, you only live once. “We know that many drivers like to go on the track and have the opportunity to test their performance vehicles. The experience is well worth it if the car and driver are prepared in advance,” says technical director Glenmore Audi. So, before going on a track, take some time to get ready.

First, the tires. You should know that not all tires are made for the track, and even those that are designed for high performance need to be in perfect condition.

If you have poor quality tires, not only will your car not perform very well in the turns, but the tire may burst. Secondly, make sure they are inflated to the correct pressure, taking into account that they will expand as they warm up on the track.

Then take the time to position yourself correctly behind the steering wheel. You do not drive on the track in the same position you drive on the road. The seat should be upright, and close enough to the steering wheel so that your wrists are at steering wheel level when your arms are extended in front of you. This ensures that when you grip the steering wheel slightly above 9 and 3, your elbows are slightly bent.

Once on the track, know where to look. If you look directly in front of the hood, you will not have enough time to react. Look ahead to the point where you want to be heading to, even in a turn.

Finally, learn to slow down. The idea is the brake hard before the turn, then gradually release the brake as you enter the turn before accelerating out of it.

It takes practice, but it certainly will be a blast!

Thank you to Bramgate Volkswagen for their help with this article.


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