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Important recall at Toyota

2014 Toyota Corolla

Recalls are flying around all over the place in the automotive industry. This time, Toyota announced a major recall involving approximately 6.58 million cars worldwide – with 513,000 cars affected in Canada.

The vast majority of Toyota vehicles affected by the recall, including 2004 to present models, are the Toyota Camry, Corolla, Yaris, Matrix, the Highlander SUV and the Tacoma pickup truck. These are among the vehicles required to go to the dealership in an effort to correct one of three problems.

The majority of vehicles are recalled due to a wiring problem in the airbag that could prevent it from deploying in the event of a collision. The second problem is that the front seats are not firmly rooted, and could therefore move backward or forward without warning. Finally, there is a steering issue with certain Toyota models.

Not long ago, Toyota was ordered to pay an unprecedented fine of $1.2 billion for failing to warn consumers of an accelerator problem in 2009. The manufacturer had subsequently announced a recall of more than 9 million cars after several accidents were reported.

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