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The invisible bike helmet

Bike Helmet

If you dislike wearing a helmet when riding your bike, you’re probably not alone. Not only are the more traditional helmets large and just downright ugly, but they also have a habit of undoing your hairstyle. For teenagers, and even certain adults, there’s nothing more tragic…

As it happens, two young women from Sweden have a solution for you. It’s a device that looks a bit like those heated magic bags we place around our neck, but it’s able to deploy a protective cushion around your head when you fall off your bike, or if you’ve been hit by another vehicle.

It took more than seven years of research and development in order to achieve this revolutionary solution. The two women looked at countless bike accidents, in addition to simulating a few of their own in a laboratory.

Preserving their hairstyle was not the only motivation for the two Swedish entrepreneurs. With each step (or just about), made towards the development of their idea, they were told it was impossible for two women to invent something so technical.

Seven years later, they received more than 10 million dollars in investments from various financial companies. Their product will soon be available for purchase.

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