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Why is the Owner’s Manual so Important

How many times a year do you change the oil in your vehicle? What is the ideal tire pressure to ensure the best performance? How the heck does the infotainment system work?


Some of us may know the answers to these questions, particularly the infotainment system one, but the fact remains that many new owners do not take the time to read the owner’s manual of their vehicle. That’s probably because over time, we learn the basic everyday functions of our vehicle, and call it a day.

That said, there is a host of information in the owner’s manual that will be useful. You will find, for example, the recommended maintenance schedule. Following this schedule ensures not only that your vehicle runs as smoothly as possible, but also that you won’t have any trouble related to your warranty. Also, this maintenance schedule highlights the intervals where you need to have a complete servicing of your vehicle. These high-level inspections are very important in preserving the reliability and durability of your vehicle.

The guide also contains explanations of all mechanical and electronic systems, and even features a section that summarizes in a few words the main problems, their causes, and often the solutions to these problems.

Finally, by reading the owner’s manual, you may just happen to find features you never knew existed!

Thank you to Kitchener Kia for their advice on this article!

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