Why is the Owner’s Manual so Important

How many times a year do you change the oil in your vehicle? What is the ideal tire pressure to ensure the best performance? How the heck does the infotainment system work? Some of us may know the answers to these questions, particularly the infotainment system one, but the fact remains that many new owners do not take the time ...

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Buying a used car from a dealership

buying a pre-owned car from a dealership

You are going over a bunch of pre-owned vehicle ads, hoping to find the perfect used car or SUV for you, your family and your needs. These pre-owned vehicles are often sold at independent dealerships, but have you thought about looking at the inventory of new-car dealerships for, well, a pre-owned vehicle? You may think prices will be higher, or ...

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ADVICE: Why choose a demo vehicle?

When we are looking for a new vehicle, there are several options. There are new vehicles and used vehicles, and we also have the option of demo vehicles. These vehicles are already registered and their warranty is already started, but their price is often very attractive. Sometimes there are a few kilometers on the meter, but not very much and ...

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