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TECH: BMW’s driverless parking technology

Autonomous parking systems are not new, and many manufacturers offer optional technologies that can park a vehicle without driver intervention by taking control of the steering, brakes and engine. However, none of these systems is able to park the vehicle remotely when the driver is outside the vehicle. This is what BMW is offering with its all-new driverless parking system ...

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TECH: Honda’s LaneWatch side assist system

Honda’s LaneWatch system does not aim to replace the traditional blind spot monitoring system. It is, however, a complementary and more accessible technology as it is often offered in the mid-range versions of new Honda vehicles. Using a small camera positioned below the passenger side-view mirror, the LaneWatch system can display a detailed image of what is happening on the ...

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ADVICE: Lease or finance your next vehicle: three advantages that come with the second option

financing or cash

When you buy a new vehicle, there are three options available to you. There is financing, leasing and payment in cash. Each alternative will be available with different incentives, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, you must be able to properly target your needs in order to make the right decision. “When we have to choose between financing and ...

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