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Keys to successfully towing with your vehicle

Many of us need to tow something with our vehicles. It can be a camper, or a boat, or off-road vehicles. The point is that towing capacity is important for many buyers. That said, looking at how many pounds your vehicle can tow is just the beginning. Once you know your vehicle can tow a specific load, there are still ...

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All-season tires: you have to watch out for fakes

The idea of a fake rolex or a fake profile picture is a lot more common than, say, a fake tire. That said, there are in Canada and the United States a market for fake all-season tires. Perhaps fake is a strong word, so let’s just describe these tires as being of lesser quality than you would expect, although in ...

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Should you buy a 2016 or a 2017 vehicle?

You are about to replace your vehicle and you are all ready to sign the papers. But when you visit the dealership, you notice that there are not only 2016 models on the floor, but 2017 vehicles as well. Even if the New Year is still far off, the automotive industry has its own calendar, and its own way of ...

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Can you buy a car online?

We all use the web, today more than ever. In fact, you can do almost everything online. You can order food, buy clothes, pay your bills, arrange for a package to be picked up… anything you want can now be done from the comfort of your own home. Even buying a car. Ok, perhaps you cannot have your oil changed ...

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