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LIST: 12 cities agree to only buy electric buses starting in 2025

The mayors of 12 global cities recently signed the C40 Fossil-Fuel-Free Streets declaration, which aims to promote the adoption of mass transit that emit no polluting emissions. In other words, these cities announced that starting in 2025, they will only buy electric buses for their transportation network. London, Paris, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Barcelona, ​​Quito, Vancouver, Mexico City, Milan, Seattle, Auckland ...

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Watch out pedestrians, the Volvo bus is watching

When talking about autonomous driving, or electronic safety, buses may not be the first vehicles that come to mind. Indeed, we take for granted that they are big enough to be noticed by every road user. Unfortunately, collisions between buses and pedestrians, or buses and cyclists, are still far too frequent. That led Swedish automaker Volvo to design an all-new ...

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