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Here’s how to plan your vehicle budget

Calculating a family budget can be difficult. You are juggling all the numbers and all the details, and there are certainly a lot of expenses to take into account. Things become even more complex when we try and calculate our car budget. “The truth is that most people fail to correctly add all the expenses that come with owning or leasing ...

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Understanding what affects a vehicle’s resale value

resale value

It is a very well-known fact that cars depreciate. We’ve heard it time and time again, cars are not an investment and as soon as you leave the dealership, that will lose a rather scary percentage of their value. Yes, it’s true, some cars ultimately gain value, but they are an exception and often, they are exclusive cars that were ...

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ADVICE: Why choose a demo vehicle?

When we are looking for a new vehicle, there are several options. There are new vehicles and used vehicles, and we also have the option of demo vehicles. These vehicles are already registered and their warranty is already started, but their price is often very attractive. Sometimes there are a few kilometers on the meter, but not very much and ...

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