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Are your winter tires still worthy?

Winter tires

  December 15th is coming. That’s the date where you are obligated to have winter tires on your vehicle in Quebec. Some drivers were not very happy when the province made winter tires mandatory, but in the end the idea that everyone is driving on tires that are appropriate for the harsh conditions we will face in the next few ...

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What you need to know about winter tires

winter driving

You have your winter tires, carefully stored in your garage. In your mind, you are ready for winter. Well, it may be a good idea to check out a few things before hitting the first snow storm. Firstly, we must know when we need to have our winter tires on our vehicle. In Quebec, it’s rather simple: winter tires need ...

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ADVICE: Three practical tips for safe winter driving

Winter is upon us, and it has even arrived in some areas. This means that our roads will soon be covered with snow and ice, a reality that will require us to change our behavior on the road to compensate for our tires’ lack of grip. Yes, winter driving is not easy, but with some precautions we are able to ...

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Tips for reducing fuel consumption in winter

winter tire tips

You only have to take a look at the fuel consumption of your vehicle between the months of November and April to realize that it increases. It increases considerably even. The cold causes your engine to work harder, but so do the snowy and icy surfaces that often cause the driver to be more aggressive with the car to get ...

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