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Pre-owned vehicles: Remember history

Buying a used car is not always a simple process. When one is buying a new car, you know exactly what you are getting. The car has a warranty, no mileage and has never been driven before. No one was behind the wheel to damage it. That is not the case with a pre-owned vehicle which has been driven by ...

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An accident? Firstly, do not panic

Nobody wants to be in a car accident. But in general, in the career of all motorists, it will happen at least once. Because it happens so rarely, it is rare that the driver knows instinctively how to respond. There are however a few simple steps to help you through it in the simplest way possible. After the accident, the ...

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How to avoid pothole-related damage

Spring has arrived and the weather outside is getting warmer. Most would agree that’s a good thing, with the possible exception of motorists who have to deal with more and more potholes on their way to work in the morning. Indeed, potholes are a part of life in Canada, and when the snow and ice start to melt they can ...

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How to avoid potholes

how to avoid potholes

The joy of the snow finally melting away, the weather finally warming up, and spring arriving is often cut horribly short upon hitting that first very large, very deep, and very jarring pothole. Unfortunately, potholes are a given this time of year, and we have to deal with them on our roads every single day. From bitten rims to busted ...

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