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How to determine whether your car is safe

The safety of a given vehicle is often a topic forgotten by consumers. It’s not that we do not want our car or SUV to be safe, but sometimes it is assumed that this is indeed the case, then we think no more of it.

Sécurité safety

The good news is that, indeed, modern vehicles are actually much safer than what we found on the road in the 1970s or 1980s, but it still remains a fact that some vehicles will be safer than others, and that we must also maintain our vehicles properly if we want them to remain safe.

First, it is important not to forget to perform the scheduled maintenance recommended by the manufacturer. This will help detect potential problems and especially repair important mechanical components that are directly related to safety, like the suspension, wheels and brakes.

Then, you have to undertake the repairs required by any recall announced by the manufacturer. These recalls do not always relate to safety, but that does not mean they should not be performed as soon as possible. That said, when a recall specifically affects the security of your vehicle, then there must not wait.

When buying a new vehicle, you can turn to active safety technologies to improve the ability of your vehicle to protect you. In fact, these technologies, sometimes called driver assistance technologies, were aim mainly to prevent accidents by warning you when a collision or loss of control is about to occur, and intervening if you do not react in time. Although not essential, they certainly help to increase the safety of your vehicle!

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