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Is it the right time to install your winter tires?

As fall rolls around and the temperature begins to drop after a scorching summer in most parts of Canada, vehicle owners are already thinking about getting their cars and SUVs ready for winter.


The first part of preparing for the snow and ice that are sure to hit us in the next couple of weeks is installing your winter tires. Even if they are not mandatory in every part of the country, they are the safest way to take on winter roads and ensuring your safety.

Summer tires, as well as some all-season tires, begin to lose their effectiveness when the temperature outside drops below seven degrees. That’s when the rubber begins to harden and grip is more difficult to come by. Although we know as Canadians that our winters can be difficult to predict, the first couple of weeks of October are a good time to install your winter tires.

That way, you avoid the mad rush that occurs at tire centers and dealerships around the end of October, and you are also better prepared to face any premature drop in temperatures or even the occasional snow storm that hits us before Halloween.

So, our recommendation would be to book your appointment now to get your winter tires installed.

Thank you to Bruce GM Digby for their help with this article.


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