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Are your winter tires still worthy?

Winter tires

  December 15th is coming. That’s the date where you are obligated to have winter tires on your vehicle in Quebec. Some drivers were not very happy when the province made winter tires mandatory, but in the end the idea that everyone is driving on tires that are appropriate for the harsh conditions we will face in the next few ...

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How to quickly sell your current vehicle

You are at home, looking through your emails and waiting by the phone. For several weeks now, your vehicle has been parked outside the house, and every day you wait for a call that doesn’t seem to come. But why? The sign that the vehicle is for sale is certainly big enough, and you certainly have advertised your vehicle all ...

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How to make sure your vehicle is as safe as possible

car safety tips

Most drivers respect basic safety driving tips. They make sure they are not too tired, and haven’t had too much to drink. They are drive at reasonable speeds and avoid dangerous manoeuvers like cutting another vehicle at high speed on the highway. That said, there are small safety tips that can do a lot to make your vehicle even safer ...

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Pre-owned vehicles: Remember history

Buying a used car is not always a simple process. When one is buying a new car, you know exactly what you are getting. The car has a warranty, no mileage and has never been driven before. No one was behind the wheel to damage it. That is not the case with a pre-owned vehicle which has been driven by ...

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