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Tips to sell your current vehicle quickly

You are in the market for a new vehicle, but first you need to get rid of your current model. You know the dealership will give you a set amount for your trade-in, but you prefer to get the market price for your car, truck or SUV. You therefore decide to sell yourself.

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After a few weeks however, you notice that you’re not getting a lot of interest for your pre-owned model. Why is that? Well, perhaps you haven’t done everything you can to get your vehicle out there. Therefore, here are a few tips to help you sell your pre-owned vehicle quickly at the price you want to get for it.

Make sure the price is right

The most important thing about selling anything, including a car, is making sure you price it correctly. Go online and search for vehicles that are identical to yours in terms of model, year and trim version, and include units that have 20 000 kilometers more or less than your own vehicle. Look at the price of these vehicles, and make sure you price yours in the middle, giving yourself a little flexibility for the haggling that will likely follow.

Spread the word

Once you have priced your vehicle correctly, make sure you get the word out there that it is for sale. That means you want to advertise on most major pre-owned vehicle websites, as well as share the link on social media and to your friends and family, asking them to share too.

Give plenty of information

Once your ads are in place and you have shared on social platforms, make sure that when people visit your ad they will not be left wanting more. That means you should describe your vehicle in detail including all the features it offers and its service history, and put plenty of pictures showing the exterior and interior (don’t forget the engine, back seats, close-ups of the cockpit, trunk, side shots, rear shots, wheels etc.).

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