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How to lower your fuel costs

The price of gas is something that unfortunately we have no control over. So, we simply fill up the tank when it’s empty, occasionally glancing over at the price and more often than not finding it a bit too expensive. On the other hand, there are plenty of tricks one can use to improve fuel economy and therefore be a ...

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The implications of second chance credit

financing or cash

You may have seen ads talking about second chance credit financing or perhaps you recently applied for a car loan and were turned down, but you really need a new vehicle. The simple idea behind second chance credit financing is that it offers buyers with less than ideal credit an opportunity to get a loan and purchase their next vehicle. ...

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Features that improve resale value

When buying a new vehicle, our mindset is not on the future, but rather on the present. That is to be expected, given that the last thing we are bound to think about when purchasing on brand new car, truck or SUV, is selling it. That said, the decisions you make today when looking at the options catalogue of your ...

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When should you replace your car battery?

“If only I had known earlier.” That’s a phrase we don’t want to say, but that comes to mind most often when it is too late to do anything about the situation anyway. This occurs quite often when it comes to car batteries. Because, let’s be honest, we do not tend to pay much attention to this rather important component ...

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