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A few tips to protect your car

Protecting your car after you have bought it is important. Taking steps to make sure your car’s body is protected from dings and dents will improve resale value while also saving you some repair money. One step is to wash and wax your vehicle regularly. That will ensure that all the dust and debris that has accumulated on your vehicle ...

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Here are a few tips to help when parking

For most drivers, parking their vehicle is second nature. In other words, not a lot of thought goes into the process. That said, there are a few ways you can make parking even easier, or more importantly avoid any damages to your car. It starts with a few precautions which are fairly easy to put into action. The first thing ...

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How to avoid pothole-related damage

Spring has arrived and the weather outside is getting warmer. Most would agree that’s a good thing, with the possible exception of motorists who have to deal with more and more potholes on their way to work in the morning. Indeed, potholes are a part of life in Canada, and when the snow and ice start to melt they can ...

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