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How to reduce fuel consumption in summer

Summer is almost here. Well, that may not be as true as we would like to believe, but what is certain is that we are closer to the arrival of summer than winter. In a few weeks, summer activities such as cycling, golf and of course road trips with the family to the cottage, are not far away.


We tend to believe that a vehicle consumes more fuel in winter, and it’s true. Colder temperatures mean that our engine needs to work harder and therefore fuel economy goes down. That said, our fuel consumption can also increase in summer if we don’t follow a few simple tips.

Open your windows

Some will say open windows increase drag and therefore mean increased fuel consumption. That may be true, but what is certain is that if we decide to turn on the air conditioning to cool us down instead of opening the windows, our fuel consumption may increase even more. So if you want to improve your fuel economy, open the windows instead of going directly to air conditioning.

Remove accessories

The bike rack, roof box, kayak rack … these are all accessories that add weight to the vehicle while increasing its drag which has a detrimental effect on consumption. While it may be frustrating to continually remove and install our transport equipment, it is worthwhile if we want reduce our fuel bill.

Remove excess weight

Sometimes we tend to leave our sports equipment in the car in summer. Golf bags, bicycles, camping equipment and all the other stuff that we prefer to keep in the trunk will ultimately increase fuel consumption simply because of the weight it adds to the car.

Check your tire Pressure

In summer we pay less attention to our tires. We shouldn’t. If our tires are not inflated to the correct pressure, our consumption could increase. So, take a few seconds to check tire pressure now and then.

Thank you to Turner Volkswagen for the tips!

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