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Getting your vehicle checked before the end of the warranty

Your warranty is in essence your insurance policy against expensive repairs that, unfortunately, are always possible when you are talking about a vehicle and all the complex technology that comes with it.

The warranty, which normally covers the most important mechanical components of your vehicle including the engine and transmission for the first three years and 60,000 kilometers, and other parts for 5 years or 100,000 kilometers, states that should any of these components break while under warranty, they will be replaced free of charge.

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Sometimes, the warranty covers most mechanical components for four years or 80 000 kilometers. The length is not as important as keeping an eye on when the warranty is about to expire. As the deadline approaches, you want to book an appointment in order to get the main mechanical components inspected.

Most dealerships will offer an end of warranty inspection. The main points that you want to inspect are the body, the brakes, the suspension, the exhaust system, the engine’s behavior (generally a computer analysis), and other components that must be inspected with a test drive on the highway.

The end-of-warranty inspection will detect problems that, if they are not addressed, will require repairs that could be very expensive if they are required after the warranty ends.

So, keep an eye out for your warranty’s expiration date, and book an appointment at least a month before.

Thank you to Hamilton Volvo for their help with this article.

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