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When is it time to change our summer tires?

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Summer is unfortunately coming to an end. We feel it when we wake up in the morning and when we go outdoors at night. Obviously, September still has quite a few sunny days left in the tank, but they are getting few and far between. We must therefore start preparing for the unavoidable winter that is at our door. “The ...

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Nokian zLINE A/S: Nokian makes an all-season tire?

Nokian zLINE tyres

It’s terrible for me to admit that I was not aware that Nokian, one of the world’s oldest tire makers, produces and sells an all-season tire, sorry, tyre. To find out if I was alone or had been living under a rock for too long, I asked a number of industry people including some tire guys about it. Although all ...

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Understanding why winter tires are important

In most provinces in Canada, it is not legally required to have winter tires installed on your vehicle. That said, driving on tires designed to handle icy and snowy road conditions can make all the difference between enjoying winter and feeling in control behind the steering wheel of your vehicle, or feeling like you are unsafe when the road gets ...

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