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When is it time to change our summer tires?

Summer is unfortunately coming to an end. We feel it when we wake up in the morning and when we go outdoors at night. Obviously, September still has quite a few sunny days left in the tank, but they are getting few and far between. We must therefore start preparing for the unavoidable winter that is at our door.

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“The law requires the installation of winter tires by December 15th, but in reality winter is usually upon us well before mid-December. In fact, there are often enough cold days in November to justify the installation of your winter tires,” says a technical advisor at Vickar Nissan.

Once the temperature drops below seven degrees, your tires’ rubber becomes harder and their effectiveness is greatly reduced. They lose their grip and handling is impaired. So when the temperature drops below 10 degrees on a regular basis, it’s better to have winter tires on your vehicle.

In other words, by the time November comes around, time to change your tires. That said, we must also check if our tires need to be replaced. In order to find out, check your tires’ thread depth which should be 6/32” if you hope to have your winter tire set last all winter. The law only requires that your tires have a minimum thread depth of 2/32”, but you should know that at that depth the tires probably will not last the entire season. Moreover, there effectiveness will be greatly reduced.

Finally, you should book your appointment in early October. Dealers and tire centers will be very busy over the coming weeks, and it is better to make an appointment early if we do not want to end up with an appointment in December.

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