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A few tips to protect your car

Protecting your car after you have bought it is important. Taking steps to make sure your car’s body is protected from dings and dents will improve resale value while also saving you some repair money.


One step is to wash and wax your vehicle regularly. That will ensure that all the dust and debris that has accumulated on your vehicle does not lead to more important problems like rust or paint damage. Here are a few other ways you can protect your vehicle from damages.

Plastic protective films sometimes called wraps, for example, are items that should not be forgotten. Specifically, these are tailor-made transparent films for your car or SUV.

They are affixed by specialists that stick them in place on sensitive areas of your vehicle, namely the hood, mirrors, bumper, headlights and side sills. Although you wouldn’t think these protective layers can be helpful, they are quite good at preventing rocks and other objects from damaging your paint.

Moreover, check if your vehicle is protected from corrosion. Most new vehicles have a multi-year corrosion protection plan but make sure just to be certain. If your vehicle is not protected, you can usually remedy the situation with third-party corrosion protection.

Protecting your cockpit and more specifically the seats is also a must, especially if you have children or your vehicle’s interior is a light colour. This inexpensive protection when performed at the dealership will save you many headaches.

Finally, anti-theft protection is simply a must. A kill switch and other alarm systems are effective, but you can also mark your vehicle with specific tags which makes it impossible (or at least quite a bit harder) for thieves to sell your vehicle’s parts after it has been stolen.

Thank you to Volvo of Mississauga for their help with this article.


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