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The ABCs of buying a family vehicle

Going on a family vacation with your vehicle can sometimes seem like a daunting adventure, and not necessarily in a good way. That said, if you too the time to find the right vehicle for you and your family, it makes things dramatically easier.


Firstly, what is a family vehicle? Seems simply enough, but there are a lot of definitions when you start looking at available vehicles on the market. Therefore, you need to take a more general definition.

“A family vehicle is a vehicle that will allow you and your family to do whatever they want in complete comfort, while bringing with them everything they need for the next hour, the next day or the next few weeks. A family vehicle is all about making sure your needs, whatever they are, are met”, says a sales representative at The Honda Way.

Ultimately, the keyword here is space and versatility. When it comes to space, you want as much of it as possible in the back and in the third row if you need to bring more than 4 passengers on a regular basis. You also want it to be easy to get in and out of your vehicle, and you want in a perfect world for everyone to have enough leg, elbow and shoulder room. If you will be using those rear seats often, you do not want it to be hard to get back there. If, on the other hand, your third row will only occasionally be open, then you do not want it to impede too much on cargo space.

In terms of versatility, you want as much of it as possible and you want as many interior configurations as possible as well.

Finally, infotainment features like rear seat DVDs, or simply comfort features like rear air conditioning or heated rear seats, can make everyone inside more comfortable.

A family vehicle, in essence, should make your life easier!

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