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How to save a few dollars on your car insurance

Insurance premiums are one of the highest costs of automotive ownership. That said, there are plenty of ways you can lower the cost of your insurance, you just have to make sure you follow a few simple guidelines.

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Here are a few tips to save on your car insurance.


When people buy a new car, they often forget to shop for their insurance. They contact their insurance company, mention that they have a new car, and call it a day. That said, a few minutes on the phone or online with different insurance companies can significantly reduce the cost of your insurance, so take the time and shop around.

Use technology

There are quite a few insurance companies now that offer various technologies designed to monitor how you drive and adjust the cost of your premium. These devices monitor speed and driving distances and cannot serve to increase your premium unless indicated otherwise. If you are a safe driver, go ahead and prove it!

Don’t buy too much car

Faster, sportier cars will cost more. Sometimes, a lot more than you think. So again, call up your insurance company before signing on the dotted line and buying the car. But even if you are not buying a sporty vehicle, call your insurance and see how much a given car will be compared to another model. Sometimes, two similar cars will have different insurance rates.

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