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How to quickly sell your current vehicle

You are at home, looking through your emails and waiting by the phone. For several weeks now, your vehicle has been parked outside the house, and every day you wait for a call that doesn’t seem to come. But why? The sign that the vehicle is for sale is certainly big enough, and you certainly have advertised your vehicle all over social media. What could be wrong?

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Well, have you really done everything that you could to try and sell your vehicle?

As you look at it right now, is it clean? Have you removed the snow or, if we are in summer, is it covered in dust? If the answer is no, the first thing you need to do is to make sure your car shines like a new penny. Not only will that increase the chances that someone sees the car and stops, but it will also make you ready for any unexpected visits.

Speaking of which, make sure the interior is clean as well. The last thing you want is having someone show up for a test drive only to get in to a vehicle that has a dirty interior or that smells. That will make selling your car a lot more difficult. Even if you are not one to keep your vehicle in perfect condition, make an effort when trying to sell it. It will do nothing but help.

Then, make sure you advertise your vehicle on as many platforms as possible. It’s not enough just to talk about the car on Facebook. You need to be on every major site. You also need to add a good description and a lot of pictures. Remember, you are competing with a host of other cars that are very similar to yours. Make sure your vehicle stands out.

Finally, you need to set the right price. Go on a pre-owned vehicle website and have a look at similar vehicles (same year, mileage and equipment). At what price are they going for? The truth is that the market will set the price of your vehicle, not depreciation or how well it was maintained.

A special thank you to Vickar Ford for their advice.

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