Graco adds approximately 4.2 million child car seats to recall

Graco seat

Child seat manufacturer Graco added a little over 400,000 seats to their recall announced in early February. The total number of child seats affected by this recall is approximately 4.2 million. The problem seems to be with the belt buckle that may become difficult to undo should food or liquid seep in. In the event that a parent would have to ...

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Dog destroys her master’s Aston Martin

Destroyed Aston Martin

Dog destroys his master’s Aston Martin – The master gets rid of the dog The year just started and already we have a candidate for the most bizarre story of 2014. In addition, if you’re like me and you love cars just as much as animals, it’s not easy to know just how you’re supposed to feel in the situation ...

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How to get your car out of the snow

Car in snow

The majority of us have experienced our first winter snowstorm recently. There were surely some good memories the morning after, especially for those who had to dig their car out of a snowbank created by a pitiless snowplow. The first reflex one has after having realized that the car is stuck, is to seek help from a good samaritan. This ...

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