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ADVICE: A flat tire? Time to get on the side of the road

We can all agree that a flat tire never happens at the right time. If we are out on the road, it is because we have to go somewhere and there is no better way to ruin our plans than suddenly feeling that our vehicle is not behaving as it normally does.

A flat tire is quite easy to detect. You will feel a vibration in the steering wheel, sometimes light and sometimes severe, and you immediately notice that your vehicle’s handling and agility is suddenly compromised. Also, if you lower the windows, it is likely that you will hear a flutter noise coming from the damaged tire.

If you have any doubts, move to the side of the road or into a parking space safely quickly to inspect the vehicle. And if you find that your tire is actually flat, it’s time to cancel your plans and head over to your nearest dealer or garage.

“Unfortunately, if our tire is flat, we must immediately deal with it even if it will definitely thwart our plans for the day,” says a technician at Zimmer Wheaton GMC.

Driving with a flat tire is dangerous, but it can also damage our wheel as well as other components and thus increase our repair bill.

It is therefore necessary to be wise, to stop in a safe place, and to fix the problem ourselves if we are so inclined. We can also call a roadside assistance service if we do not want to get our hands dirty.

To change the tire, make sure the vehicle is on a flat surface. Then brace the wheels that do not need to be replaced, and partially loosen the bolts of the wheel that needs to be replaced. Place the jack at the appropriate lifting point and lift the vehicle. Remove the bolts and the wheel, and install the other wheel. Tighten the bolts and you can go back on the road.

When it’s time to replace the tire, make sure your other tires are not too worn. If this is the case, it will probably be necessary to replace all four tires in order to preserve the safety and performance of our vehicle.

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