ADVICE: Three advantages of leasing our next new vehicle

Like a home, it is possible to choose between leasing and financing when buying our next new vehicle. Each option offers several advantages as well as some disadvantages. Ultimately, the best choice for us depends on our needs. We have already discussed the benefits of financing in another text. Now let’s take a look at the advantages of leasing a ...

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What you need to know about tire speed ratings

Canadians have learned to live with speed limits ever since they have learned to drive. Rarely above 100 km/h, they do reach 110 km/h in certain areas of the country. That means that our speed limits are well below the speed limit of the tires that are sold on the market. That said, every tire has a speed limit which ...

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Understanding your vehicle’s VIN number


The VIN, or vehicle identification number (the well-known serial number that can be found at the bottom of the windshield) is more than a random set of numbers. There is a lot of useful information in that number, and here is how you can read it. All VINs consist of 6 parts. Here is how the information contained in the ...

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How to calculate how much your insurance will cost you

car insurance

Calculating an insurance premium is a complex endeavor that takes into account a variety of factors. Although the color of your vehicle and how many doors it has have often been considered important factors, the fact of the matter is that what really matters is the driver, his or her experience, and the cost of the vehicle. In other words, ...

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